The Best Control II Book on CD-ROM
by Steve Tvedten

You can spend a fortune trying to control your pests with "traditional pesticide poisons", while you poison your family, your pets, and your environment. The Alternative? You can spend less than $50.00 dollars now to learn how to really protect yourself and your family from pests and pesticides forever! Learn to control all of your pests safely using the proven techniques found in "The Best Control II."

Best Control II can save you thousands of dollars a year in professional pest control expenses. With its state of the art alternative pest control techniques, you will easily be able to safely and quickly eliminate all of your pest problems without harming you, your family, pets or your environment. The author has over 30 years actual experience in traditional pest control and alternative pest control methods. He has safely controlled all pests inside and outside of over 350 schools and numerous other buildings and yards without using any volatile, synthetic pesticide poisons.
Your children should be given every opportunity to live a long, healthy Life and the Best Control CD-ROM can help you give it to them.

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