Spraying POISONS To "Control" West Nile Virus

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        Subject:     Spraying POISONS To "Control" West Nile Vvirus
Date:     Tue, 22 Oct 2002 10:17:00 -0400
           From:     Stephen Tvedten <steve@getipm.com>
Organization:     Get Set Inc. (www.getipm.com)

To:     Paul Helliker <phelliker@cdpr.ca.gov>
          Director, State of California, Department of Pesticide Regulation 

cc:    Christine Whitman whitman.christine@epa.gov

Dear Mr. Helliker, Spraying your "registered" pesticide POISONS simply does not work to "control" mosquitoes and/or other pests. As you can read below, the Disney people "treat" nightly to "control" mosquitoes but, when my Grandchildren and I went to their Campfire movie at Fort Wilderness we were severely bitten by mosquitoes. Only by using some safe alternative repellants were we able to avoid the incessant attacks on subsequent nights. Over 25 years ago I proved there were more female (biting) mosquitoes on Sanibel Island after the adulticide spray than before the POISON spray. Why are you still insisting that more and more useless POISONS be used/misused?

Respectfully, Stephen L. Tvedten

UPDATE:  6/17/2003

When Steve Tvedten brought his grandchildren back to Disney on June 6-10th 2003, Disney was no longer spraying nightly for WNV and there were very few mosquitoes. The reason for this is very simple, the dragon flies and other  natural predators, were back and safely solving the problem.  Pesticides will kill the natural predators faster than the resistant pest.