Cancer Prevention
"The Best Control"
by Stephen Tvedten

Cancer is actually more than I00 diseases which are created by multiple causes or exposures and/or accidents. Cancer erupts only after the cell's DNA or genetic material becomes chronologically damaged or mutated. Cancer normally takes a series of exposures, mutations and/or accidents to produce this dreaded disease.

I believe, along with many eminent people in cancer research, malignant diseases can be dramatically reduced or avoided if we identify the environmental causes and eliminate them or severely reduce their use. Volatile, synthetic pesticide poisons are the only toxins we have purposely put in our environment unnecessary. Pesticides do not protect, they kill!

In 1900 cancer (malignant growths) accounted for only 4% of the U. S. deaths; this figure rose to 15% in 1958 when Rachel Carson expressed concern it might rise even further. Today we know I of every 2.5 Americans will get cancer and, I believe, the figure (unless we stop acting like lemmings) will rise to virtually everyone by the year 2000.

An ever increasing exposure to toxic pollution is occurring everywhere smog, industrial waste, auto emissions, pesticides, cigarette smoke, synthetic additives/preservatives, spills and hazardous wastes now are commonly found contamination our air, water, food, and soil, so much so our natural detoxification process cannot function effectively.

Benzene, a toxin frequently used in the manufacture of carpeting, plastics, and synthetic pesticide poisons, lodges in our bone marrow for up to 20 months and causes leukemia in the same way as Strontium 90.

Urethane (a carbamate) is widely used toxin in plastics, clothing, insulation, medicine, insecticides, weed killers and fungicides, is also know to cause cancer.

We know many toxic chemicals in plastics and pesticides, e.g., chlorinated hydrocarbons, create extraordinarily high levels of estrogen-like chemicals called xenoestrogens and may also cause malignancies in the same way as natural (bad types or amounts of) estrogen do. We also know many of the active and the inert ingredients of synthetic products, e.g., pesticide poisons are also carcinogenic and we also know that many synthetic pesticide poisons continue to volatilize long after the initial application has dried. Chronic contamination of the ambient air and people occurs for many months or years (depending on the application) with organophosphates and for several generations with chlorinated hydrocarbons! It should be obvious our exposure to carcinogens is uncontrolled and multiple - any single safe level may be enough to create a cancer when combined with just one more single safe level Today we have 5 00 chemicals in us that were not present in people in 1920! It should also be obvious that to continue to add more and more and more dangerous and unnecessary poisons to your environment is insanity - there are no safe levels of poisons or carcinogens!

Dr. John Snow used preventative medicine and cured a great cholera outbreak in London about 150 years ago by simply removing the pump handle from the contaminated well on Broad Street.

We believe the best way to avoid cancer is to avoid exposures to any volatile, synthetic pesticide poisons in your home, yard, office, school or on your pets or children; wear and use natural products; exercise regularly; eat plenty of organic, well-scrubbed fruit and vegetables, including ("good estrogens") phytoestrogen-rich tofu and other organic soy products sold in stores that do not spray volatile poisons! Why don't you help us prevent you from developing cancer and neurological damages by using our safe Intelligent Pest Management techniques found in The Best Control to safely control all pests without using any dangerous, volatile and useless, synthetic pesticide poisons.

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