SCORPIONS and more.
Table of Contents
Chapters 24-25
"The Best Control"
by Stephen Tvedten

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"The Best Control" is a book written by Stephen Tveden.   With more than 30 years in the pest control business, Steve has researched and applied the methods of safe pest management successfully in over 350 schools.  The Best Control  is easily searched and contains a compilation of information, direction and advice currently being utilized by pest control  experts, schools and individuals all over the country.  It gives step-by-step directions for using common household items and other safe methods of  pest
problem solving that can be used to discourage and rid yourself of many of your worst pests.  This do-it-yourself approach can assist you to keep your family, school, business and neighborhood pesticide free.  The methods and materials recommended in this book are referred to as "Pestisafes" as opposed to "pesticides".  Pestisafe is a registered trademark of Stephen Tvedten.

Table of Contents

Chapters 1-10 OVERVIEW 

Chapter 11 - Things Grandma Probably Used for Pests

Chapter 12-13 - Synthetic Pesticide Poisons

Chapter 14 - Nothing but Ants

Chapter 15-17 - Lice, bed bugs and more

Chapter 18 - Fleas

Chapter 19 - Ticks and Mites?

Chapter 20-21 - Bees, Wasps, Hornets and more

Chapter 22 - MOSQUITOES

Chapter 23 - Spiders

Chapter 24-25 - SCORPIONS

Chapter 26 - Help!  Roaches

Chapter 27 - Help!  Something is eating my clothes!

Chapter 28 - So What's hiding in your stored food ?

Chapter 29 - Crickets

Chapter 30 - Flies

Chapter 31 - Beetles, Mites and more

Chapter 32 - Rodents and other Vertebrate Pests 

Chapter 33 - Bats

Chapter 34 -  Birds

Chapter 35 - Termites

Chapter 36- Safe Lawn and Garden Maintenance 

              SCORPIONS AND IMAGINATION Page 461 
              DIAGRAM OF SCORPION Page 462 
              SCORPION OVERVIEW Page 463 
              PEST DISCUSSION Page 464 
              DESCRIPTION Page 464 
              PUBLIC HEALTH IMPORTANCE Page 465 
              CONTROL Page 465 
              IMAGINARY ITCHES Page 466 
              ENTOMOPHOBIA Page 466 
              CONTAGIOUS HYSTERIA Page 466 
              DELUSORY PARASITOSIS Page 468 
              SUMMARY Page 468