Body Lice Control

Excerpts from Steve Tvedten's book "The Best Control"
(Used here with permission.)

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Body Louse Control

To control body lice daily change into clean underwear and clothing - remember, laundering kills lice in 5 minutes, eggs or nits in 10 at 130o F. With daily showers and frequent changes of properly laundered clothing, a body lice infestation will eventually end without any pesticide poison treatment. For head lice:  Never borrow and use anyone's hat, helmet, wig, scarf, comb or brush. Use Kleen Kill® (Kleen-Away Naturally) enzyme cleaners and/or oil of balsam or oil of anise, and/or borax and/or Kleen Kill® peppermint or neem soap and/or Not  Nice to Lice®.

Some general application volatile, synthetic pesticide poison formulations are labeled for spraying but are of  little value and very dangerous. Try using borax, Kleen Kill® enzymes and/or peppermint soaps or Not Nice to Lice® Shampoo first.

Clean or wash clothing, bedding, etc., with detergents or Kleen Kill® enzymes or borax to kill lice.

Daily bathe to detach and kill moving lice on the body.

Use detergents, Kleen Kill® enzyme cleaners or soaps and/or disinfectants or borax to clean bed frames, bedside furniture, ambulances, ambulance and hospital equipment.

Counsel occupants carefully to control emotionally-charged situations and prevent louse reinfestation.

(Web Mistress Note:  A little license was taken with title and some emphasis.  However, the content is correct as it appears in "The Best Control")